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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


I'm back from my cruise to alaska and I should have some photos for you on flickr soon.

oh, by "back" I mean in Minnesota.

I won't be in LA on saturday the 21st - but if you are buy my RATATAT and DAFT PUNK tickets. they are sold out and it will be an amazing show - 3 tickets at $60 each. let me know.

today I took my first SCUBA class. I have been scuba diving 4 times before, twice on day classes and two times by me lying. I'm excited to do it legally. And speaking of legally - I will be getting my motorcycle permit and then my license this week as well. I will also be getting my eyes checked and new glasses, my first physical in 7 years, and having my first dentist appointment in 8 years. I have my 10 year highschool reunion next week and then the following week I will be shooting at 72 year old's wedding.

I'll probably be back in NYC on the 12th.

Midnight Madness on the 25th.

and then I have no idea. maybe I will choose where I will go by my myspace comments and which coast misses or needs me more - right now it is about tied.

now I must watch the tour de france, it was very difficult to avoid spoiler headlines all day.

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divinemissk said...

baby should be around by August 15th, so be sure to visit before you head back to la!