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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Sublet my room

April 7th to the end or middle of July.

Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NYC

Private, furnished, 12' x 16' master bedroom and a attached full bathroom, queen sized bed, large window, and hardwood floors.

Located in a 3 bedroom, 2 full baths Apt.

Apartment includes:

* foyer office area with available 20 inch iMac
* Spacious, bright, clean, kitchen
* Enormous, sunny, luxurious, living room; complete with 36-inch flat screen HDTV, DVD, Digital Cable, and DVR
* Wireless cable Internet
* Quiet back porch
* Two young, female, artistic, quirky, friendly, clean, often absent roommates

Surrounding Area:

* Easy access to the G train at Nassau
* Pleasant walk to the L train at the Bedford stop
* Walking distance to a Supermarket and Laundromat
* Many unique stores and restaurants
* Wide selection of deliverable cuisines
* Blocks from multiple parks
* Extremely convenient parking
* Neighborhood feeling

$950 per month (or $1100 for a couple) all inclusive.

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